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About Us

Caring is Our Business

Dr. Martha Mejia, a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine continues to practice internal medicine in San Carlos, California. After many years in solo private practice, Dr Mejia has now joined the Dignity Health-Sequoia Medical Group (www.DignityHealth.com).

Dr. Mejia continues to provide the compassionate, holistic care for which she is known.  Her health care philosophy is to encompass the physical, mental and social aspects of the whole person. Dr Mejia is dedicated to providing personal, individualized medical care. She focuses her practice on disease prevention.   

One of Dr. Mejia's life passions is to focus on nutritional health and its association to wellbeing.  She loves to discuss dietary components of disease and how simple nutritional changes can bring health and vitality.  This website is a source for up to date information, please consult regularly for new articles and upcoming lectures.  She now is available for group discussions on health and lectures.   

Our high quality, highly sought after nutritional products are still available. You may now order directly on this website. Select: BIOSPEC Nutritionals or Metagenics. Please consult your physician when using nutritional supplements. 


Our Staff

Angela, Anabel my longtime, dedicated staff join the team at Dignithy Health to continue providing quality care. Each brings her own special personality, insight, experience and caring for our patients. My  friendly staff is dedicated to bringing their best in providing attention and optimal caring to everything they do.  They are knowledgeable and always ready to provide their best.