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We are in the process of redesigning this web site.

  We apologize for any problems you may encounter.

Dr. Martha Mejia

"Passionate about Life and Passionate about Sharing Nutritional Information with You for Better Health"

Dr. Mejia is dedicated to providing comprehensive, up-to-date and holistic care, adding a more natural and nutritional approach to conventional medical treatments. Viewing and treating each person as an individual is her main priority. Dr. Mejia strives to bring wellbeing and optimal health to each patient, maintaining caring and supportive relationships. Dr. Mejia's highly trained and motivated staff is proficient in English and Spanish. Dr. Mejia also speaks Portuguese.

Dr. Mejia has always had a love for learning nutriton and bringing that information to the fore when treating patients.  It is her passion to disseminate information not only in a doctor-patient relationship, but also in articles, group discussions and lectures.  This website serves to meet part of that function.  Please follow us regularly as new information is added.


Our high quality, highly sought after nutritional products are still available. You may now order directly on this website. Select: BIOSPEC Nutritionals or Metagenics. Please consult your physician when using nutritional products.

About Dr. Mejia's Practice

As of December 15, 2014, Dr Mejia is no longer practicing independently. She has now joined and continues to practice medicine as a part of The Dignity Health Sequoia Medical Group.  Dr. Mejia and her dedicated staff, Angela and Anabel remain at the same location in San Carlos.  They are now part of larger health care team providing "humankindness". For more information view www.DignityHealth.org