Reflections – April 2017

Spring is here!  Exploding life all around, vibrant bursts of pink petals, tree branches reaching to the sky showing off their greenery.  I make note of the crunchy brown leaves drifting to the ground announcing another cycle of life.  This makes me think of how life comes and goes.  Life is a constant whirlpool of being and then not.

I think of the delicate balance required by life.  I was fortunate to meet a colleague who passed on a valuable lesson.  To maintain this very intricate balance we must see ourselves as jugglers, juggling many balls at once.  Each ball represents important responsibilities in life such as family, health, work and friends.  We ferociously try to maintain all of the balls in the air as more and more balls are added.  This constant juggling may cause you emotional, physical and mental stress.  We risk having the balls all crash down.  This colleague further shared that one must identify which balls are crystal and which are rubber.  Let the rubber balls fall as they will bounce back and you can catch them again.  Never let the crystal balls fall as they will shatter and will never be the same.

Take those precious things in life: our health, marriage, family and good friends and treat them like crystal balls.  Let the rest be rubber balls.

When overwhelmed and pressured, think of your true priorities.  Is this a crystal ball?  Making this choice brings forth what is truly important to you.

Maybe today your crystal ball says to cuddle up at home with the one you love.  This crystal ball moment is yours.


Martha Mejia

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