The Skinny on Fats – a Big, Fat Topic

For many years, an anti-fat bias was entrenched in our thinking. The low-fat message helped usher in the obesity epidemic as manufacturers replaced fats with processed carbohydrates in many foods. The consumption of a diet heavy in starch leads to surges in insulin, storage of body fat and blood glucose fluctuations, which compel further sugar cravings and hunger. Long-term, this dietary pattern can lead to obesity and its dangerous sequel of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver and even cancer. The story of dietary fat continues to evolve and is complex. All fats are not created equal; there are good fats and bad fats. The truth is that good fats are not only beneficial to your health, but they are necessary and essential for life.

Reasons to Eat Locally Grown Organic Food

Organic products have been grown using only organic fertilizers such as animal manure and compost. Synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, irradiation methods, industrial solvents or chemical additives are never used.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET-HEAL THE FIRE WITHIN Illness is related to inflammation more so than to age. Anti-Inflammatory foods can keep you healthy and...

Hi, I’m Martha. I’m passionate about food and it’s connection to your health.

Food is more than nutrition, it brings us together. It is the focus of much of our lives – so let’s enjoy it!

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