Reflections – August 2017

It’s a splendorous day, sunny and bright.  I am sitting on my deck contemplating the beauty around me. Trees, birds, flowers such incredible gifts of nature. I am overcome by the sense of wellness that I feel as I take in the warmth and light of the sun.

Sunshine, rays brilliantly covering my body and bringing a sense of tranquility and calmness as I breathe the fresh, quiet air.  In and out, each breath bringing clarity, in and out. I sit quietly for a while taking in the splendor of the moment.

This moment of repose, this quiet time restores my balance.  I feel satisfied.  I am now  open to receive the gifts of the day.  Beautiful life, what a treasure. A moment of gratitude slips by to meet the pounding of hammers, workers speaking loudly and I suddenly return to the fact that my little sanctuary is next to my neighbors’ construction site.

What craziness!  I smile knowing that my moment in peace has prepared me for the challenges of the day.

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