Reflections – June 2017

June arrives quietly and brings bittersweet memories. Memories that are joyful yet painful. This month we celebrate the birth date of my dear, departed brother.

I miss him greatly and feel his absence every day. His presence I feel even more. I can hear his laughter. It is what I remember most. His name was Isaac, “laughing boy” in the bible.

I last saw his smile 5 years ago. He had called me and said “Hey sister, I have some beautiful fish, come and eat”. I NEVER turned him down when he offered a meal. He was an incredibly creative, amazing chef and a mastermind in the kitchen. He created the most luscious and delectable meals, I can still savor the green sauce, garlic crab. I still crave it!!

I vividly recall how he danced around and made us all laugh. Everyone wanted to be around him. Even as a young boy, he would have a crowd ardently listening to his stories and embellishments. Those tales held us entranced.

Those were the days! We were living such richness. And then one night he left in a whisper, leaving a trail of sadness.

Such is life.

Experience each moment.


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